Install and configure Foxit PDF iFilter on SharePoint 2010

Foxit PDF iFilter works great with SharePoint 2010 search. Here is the download link:


1. Download and install the x64 version Foxit PDF IFilter from the link above on App/Index Server

2. Download the small 17×17 Adobe PDF icon image from the Adobe website and save it as “pdficon.gif” (or whatever name you like)

3. Copy the downloaded icon to “Drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\Template\Images”

4. Edit the DOCICON.XML file located in “Drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\Template\XML\”

5. Under the section, add the line for PDF extension. Remember to use the same filename “icpdf.gif”

6. Central Admin > Application Management > Manage service applications > Search Service Application > File Types > Click New File Type

7. Type pdf and click ok

8. Restart the search service:

a. net stop osearch14

b. net start osearch14

9. Perform a full crawl of your content sources

Exchange 2010 RBAC Model

This will be nice to have in our environment. Seems a little daunting at first glance, but I think the work to get all the admins set up with the proper access will far outweigh the initial time investment.

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Here comes Exchange 2010. New in Exchange is management of delegation and permissions through the so called Role Based Access Control model, shortened to RBAC. RBAC is partially configurable through the RBAC User Editor (Exchange Management Console > Toolbox) or fully using cmdlets. The RBAC model is based on three pillars, Who, What and Where.

The Exchange 2010 and RBAC model create new opportunities for customers. Large companies, who probably already have complex delegation models in-place, will like the more fine grained controls to support business requirements. Their challenge lies in converting their existing model to the new designed RBAC model. For smaller customers the default set of roles, groups, scopes and assignments might appear overwhelming at first, but eventually be found an asset as it supports least privilege security model and get rid of the (Exchange) Adminsistrators surplus.