How to remove the Drop Off Library in SharePoint 2010

In my dev environment I was testing the functionality of the Content Organizer site feature. By activating this site feature it creates a drop off library on your site. I wouldn’t recommend doing this until you have a plan in place of how you want this to work. I say this because once you enable this feature and then disable it…It does not delete the drop off library. It also won’t let you delete that library from the GUI either. The only way I have found to remove and delete that drop off library is the following:

I created a PS script and saved it to c: drive of central admin server. I open up SP management shell on this server and type > powershell -file c:\RemoveDOL.ps1


The script looks like this:


if((Get-PSSnapin | Where {$_.Name -eq “Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell”}) -eq $null) {

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell;



Get-SPSite -Identity  | Get-SPWeb -Limit ALL | ForEach-Object {


Disable-SPFeature –Identity DocumentRouting –url $_.Url –Confirm:$false


$dropOffLibrary = $_.Lists[“Drop Off Library”]


$dropOffLibrary.AllowDeletion = “True”




Hope this will help someone else facing this same issue.


How to fix the AllItems.aspx getting overwritten

What if a user accidentally overwrites the AllItems.aspx page for a document library? Well it gave me a slight heart attack when this happened recently. But I was able to find a fix pretty quickly. Here’s what I did:


Open the site in SharePoint Designer 2010. When in your troubled site where the document library lives go to Site Actions > Edit in SharePoint Designer.

Once in SPD in the left nav go to Lists and Libraries

Then under the Document Libraries section choose your document library


Your library will open in a tab where you can see all info and settings for this library. What we are concerned with is under the Views section:


The AllItems.aspx is the All Documents view that you see listed here. So what you do now is click on New on the upper right corner of the View section.


Name it something like All_Items, then check the box to make this your default view. Click Ok.


Now you will be able to open your document library again! You can now remove the old corrupt All Documents view, and rename your new All_Items to All Documents and you are back in business!

SharePoint 2010 Alternate Access Mappings for SSL sites using BigIP F5 Load Balancer

This process took quite some time to figure out what would work with the AAM, and the F5. The first step is going to Central Admin and then Application Management and Configure alternate access mappings.

  1. Ensure you are in the proper web app collection for the AAM you want to change.
  2. You should see a internal URL with in zone Default and Public URL
  3. Edit this zone to be a short name of https://yoursite
  4. Then you will add a internal URL with in the Internet zone.
  5. Then go to your Central Admin Server and open command prompt and run: stsadm -o addalternatedomain -url -incomingurl -urlzone internet
  6. After you run this go back to Central Admin and delete the https to https internet url
  7. Then change the short name url to the long name

This is what you should see in the AAM settings for your web app:

Internal URL                                           Zone                                        Public URL                             Default                                                        Internet