Easy Steps to Create Your Own Website

I have helped both of my sisters now create their own websites and shopping carts and thought I should share the easy steps here for all to use.
First step, and sometimes the hardest is to think of your domain name. This is the URL that you will type in a web browser to get to your web page. I use  www.GoDaddy.com to purchase, and check the domain name to make sure that its not already taken as a .com or .net, .com are more popular, but if your domain is a common name chances are someone else has already taken it. So, be creative in choosing your domain. Another thing to remember is this domain name can be used for your email too.

Second step now that you have your own domain name is to decide what you want to do with your new presence on the world wide web! For my sites and my sisters sites I went with Bluehost for my hosting provider. I have to say they are the best! I have been with a few different web host and Bluehost support by far out ranks all the others. CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR BLUEHOST.COM Once you order your hosting package with Bluehost you have endless options on how to create your site. You can have a shopping cart site that lists multiple products for sale, or you can host a WordPress site and pretty much configure it to do just about anything for your web presence.

Leave comments on any questions you might have in regards to the process and I will address them for you the best I can.

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