Ok, so lately I have had a little obsession with making smoothie drinks. I have discovered that making a smoothie is a great way to get my fruits and veggies in a way that I will actually like. For example this morning I made up my own little concoction called…Wide Awake (I just made that up)
So, you take a blender, or we have the cool little magic bullet blender thing either will work.
You just add the following ingredients into the blender and drink up…Serves 1 person.
1/2 cup prune juice
1/2 cup pineapple juice
2 tbs of cranberry juice
1/2 cup of carrots chopped in chunks (I prefer baby carrots)
Half of apple chopped up in chunks

That’s all for this drink. Its a good pick-me-up in the morning! I will post my other smoothie drink ideas as I make them.


  1. haha prune juice

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